Bushwick Bred—Nuff Said Mural

58 ft. x 10ft mural commission, completed June 2014

St. Nicholas and Troutman st., Bushwick, Brooklyn

Visual artist Rah Crawford has recently completed a 58ft wide mural in his Bushwick neighborhood. A thriving community for the arts, Bushwick draws visitors and artists from around the world. The large mural depicts 5 celebrities that have lived in Bushwick: Mae West, Eddie Murphy, Jackie Gleason, Rosie Perez and Harry Nilsson. The phrase “Bushwick Bred — Nuff Said” promotes Crawford’s neo-pop portraits with a swagger that is very much Brooklyn.

With all things coming full circle, Rah Crawford painted over his past mural in order to make way for this new piece. Rah’s first mural in the neighborhood (painted in 2011) was actually the pioneer and first to appear in the five point intersection at St. Nicholas and Troutman which is now heavily covered with rotating murals by the Bushwick Collective.

2011 mural by Rah Crawford. Painted over in June 2014 with new "Bushwick Bred" mural by Rah Crawford