The Quest Love Neo Pop Portrait

Quest For Love by Rah Crawford. March 2014. Ink on paper converted to vector. 

I watched the debut episode of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and I had a moving experience. Bono was singing an acoustic set of 'Ordinary Love' and toward the end of the song, there is a section where the word love is repeated several times. Well, during this live performance of the song, Bono improvised by singing "Quest Love" while pointing over at Ahmir. It was a very subtle moment that had a profound impact on me.

Did I feel  this way because of the conviction and emotion that a Bono performance naturally commands? It was a bit more than that—I felt pride. I was proud that a humble, hard working talent originating from my hometown was being honored in front of the whole country. The image of Ahmir—his hair, ethnicity, work ethic and general disposition (his brand) was serenaded with LOVE on a national stage by Bono, a world Ambassador for peace. Now that's what you call coming full circle... and that's a good thing for many people on many levels! It was at that moment that Ahmir "Quest Love" became an icon to me.