The Manifesto For a New Approach to Art

Ahh.. I'm awake again with a keener insight. I've felt far away for some time... I was heads down for about 2.5 years working with a  consulting firm and learning many things about app development, systems thinking, team development, production and much more.. there's a great shift in corporate culture taking place behind closed doors. The largest corporations in the world are attempting to move toward a more human centric focus and it was nice to contribute to that new future on some level. My time in the corporate world—working in that capacity has come to an end.

My muse has been whispering in my ear again—life's mission continues—visions, sounds and new ideas pound in my head. I dove in on a new oil painting that has me very excited, along with new illustrations, stories and performance art concepts.

I have released an official manifesto for NPIC-Art which has been a long time in the making. I did research on past art movements and how it all relates and connects. I'd attribute this new understanding to "system thinking" — and my eyes having been opened to new things.

A past ABC news feature gave me some props on the vision and book release...