From DC Comics to Bushwick's Booming Walls

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This designer and artist has made a significant impression on New York City's art scene since arriving here from Philadelphia eight years ago.

Who: Rah Crawford, designer, artist and entrepreneur.

Resume: DC Comics, Viacom, TedX Bushwick, co-owner of World Owned.    

What he loves about design: Creating art, solving problems and communicating new ideas.

Highlights of 2018: My six-story high metallic gold mural “Somos Oro / We are Golden” being completed in Bushwick. Also, one of my prints was stolen, but the thief was caught on camera and I was able to turn the footage into a digital artwork called “The Heist.”

Best career advice received: The photographer Tony Ward told me many years ago, “Just do the work and never state it’s importance on your own—let them do that.”

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