Rah Crawford’s new art style reveal at ODA New York

Rah Crawford,  Secrets & Sisters,  2019, metal print, 11x14 in.

Rah Crawford, Secrets & Sisters, 2019, metal print, 11x14 in.

New Work. New York. Neo Now: Boxes and Blocks
January 11 - March 8, 2019
ODA New York 250 Park Avenue South, 3rd FL, NY, NY, 10003

NEW YORK, NEW YORK —- On Friday, January 11th 5-8pm, Rah Crawford will reveal new artwork. The art film “NEO NOW” which speaks to his new art period will be screened during the opening reception as well. This show is in collaboration with leading architecture firm ODA New York.

“BOXES AND BLOCKS” is the first full collection from Rah Crawford’s NEO NOW period. This new body of work focuses on the immediacy of the emerging world, hyper-emotional states, blockchain technology, celebrity-ism and branded popular culture. Crawford’s distinct visual artistic style has evolved during his NEO NOW period as he’s transitioned from traditional mediums such as acrylic and oil paints on canvas to fully embracing computers to create his newest digital paintings.

The cube—the box, is a building block, a tool to help us ascend physical space as we rise to new heights. The box is also a window that frames the external world, and a lens to watch the future unfold. Technology and data blocks are chained and connected through space and time—as we climb, stack and lock all that we are away—in allegedly, ledger safe places.


Rah Crawford is a self-taught visual artist who has exhibited his work in the United States and Europe. He is the creator of NPIC-Art (Neoteric Pop-Iconic Clairvoyance), an approach of art that encourages the viewer to research the definition of keywords within the art to discover additional information (like an analog link). Arthistoryarchive.com includes Rah Crawford on a short list of 17 neo-pop artists whose work defines the genre, alongside Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, and Jeff Koons. The New York Times describes Crawford's work as "Buoyant" "Exuberant" and "Optimistic".



Founded in 2007, ODA is a New York-based architecture and design firm. They believe that quality of life need not be compromised for the privilege of residing in NYC and strive to keep people first in their design process. They focus on finding the best practices for developing a new paradigm: a model that can translate the desirable qualities of small-scale housing formulas - which encourages social participation and maintains a sense of community - into the framework of vertical living. By exploding the traditional concepts of a city block, they look to create voids, gaps, and open spaces that can be shared by the community.


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