A New Brand That Honors the Artist and Muse

“The artist and muse relationship is sacred”

Rah Crawford is passionate about creative ideas. A multidisciplinary artist, TEDx speaker, and former organizer, Rah believes that intuitive inspiration and creativity are tools for realizing mankind’s greatest potential. NO MUSE NO ART is a call to action for opening oneself to inspiration and allowing heartfelt intuition to enter—a reminder that a masterpiece requires universal collaboration.

“Our modern world is experiencing a creative deficit and it’s affecting the arts and entertainment industries heavily. Creative intuition takes a back seat to business objectives. This imbalance has encouraged the rampant spread of creative cannibalism and the repackaging of clichéd narratives, themes, and artwork lacking vision. We have to adjust our course—this path doesn’t inspire culture to move forward,” implores Rah.

NO MUSE NO ART is a brand for inspiration, a reminder that the artist and muse relationship is sacred. The debut collection consists of custom logo tees along with select images from Rah’s decade spanning art exhibition Welcome to Earth.






rah crawford