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To Philly, with love

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March 7, 2014

To Philly, With Love

Exclusive Rights for Artwork Given to Philadelphia's Youth

The legal copyright for the “Quest For Love” image has been given as a gift to Rah Crawford’s hometown city of Philadelphia. More specifically, the gift is being given to Philly’s youth who have been majorly affected by the city’s school closings and massive budget cuts. “Life can be tough. Depending on 'the system' for all of our needs isn’t the answer—it is my hope that Philly’s young entrepreneurs can be motivated toward a self-taught attitude and explore business opportunities using viable intellectual property as a resource. They’ve got to work their hustle muscle in a positive way,” states the artist.

Rah Crawford has created a striking portrait of Ahmir “Quest Love” Thompson, the iconic drummer for The Roots and fellow Philly 360 Creative Ambassador. The artwork entitled “Quest For Love” will help to educate the public about the philosophy behind NPIC-Art, an approach that uses the definition of words, research and self-learning to engage the viewer. The official manifesto for NPIC-Art was released on February 22, 2014.

The process of creating the “Quest For Love” portrait included an initial pencil sketch; next, the image was inked using a thin brush; following that, a scan of the completed black and white illustration; and finally, the image was vectored and colored digitally.

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