An Art Experience by Rah Crawford
May 22 – 24, 2015
1115 Flushing Ave. Bushwick, Brooklyn

Life is Magic, and visual artist Rah Crawford, founder of NPIC-Art, will conjure up a large scale apparition in

one of the coolest neighborhoods on the planet. ABC News reported that Rah has ‘arrived on the scene..

and is helping to change the face of contemporary art.’ So the emerging Bushwick neighborhood where he

resides, is the perfect location to host such an ambitious event.


ABRACADABRA, an art experience by Rah Crawford, will be hosted at Lightspace Studios (1115 Flushing

Ave) an expansive 5,100 sq ft. production studio—the massive space is an escape from the typical art

gallery box. The paintings will be projected for public viewing while access to the physical paintings will be

limited to select guests who obtain a curated experience. Aerialists, performance artists and sound art

will be used to transform the idea of an art exhibition into much more.


ABRACADABRA is Act 4 of 4, the final piece of a far reaching exhibition that Rah Crawford first began in

2004 called Welcome to Earth. Each of the 4 acts revealed a piece of the story while gradually introducing

a new approach to art called NPIC-Art (Neoteric Pop-Iconic Clairvoyance), which encourages research and

discovery within a painting. Act 4, the “grand finale” will end with a search to form a collective of artists to

embrace the NPIC-Art manifesto and open the approach to a variety of artistic interpretations.


ABRACADABRA, an art experience by Rah Crawford, is a piece in a much larger puzzle that spans an

artist’s lifetime of creative exploration and dedication—but for those being introduced to the artist and his

work for the first time, ABRACADABRA may have the appearance of an illusion magically appearing out of

thin air.

Friday, May 22nd – Opening Reception

Saturday, May 23rd – Event

Sunday, May 24th – Artist Talk